30 Surf Shows To Premiere On Fuel TV This Summer

SOLANA BEACH, CA (June 1) – Opper Sports Productions has produced anddistributed over thirty new surf shows and movies to be telecast this summer onthe action sports cable and satellite network, FUEL TV. The collections of showsinclude Long Board TV, Surfer Classics TV and a selection of 70 ‘ s surffilms.

The summer schedule kicks off with the 2nd season of Long Board TV (LBTV). This contemporary and original thirteen show magazine is devoted to cutting a broadswath through the longboard culture, and is scheduled to air on Friday nights at10:30 pm ET/PT, starting June 10th. The new LBTV shows will continue to use thesame successful format that fans enjoyed on its debut season last year, including:Profiles, Culture, Legends, Video Reviews, Shaping Bay and the Spot Check. LBTVcomplete episodes guides, QuickTime clips and DVDs are available thruwww.longboardtv.com

Surfer Classics TV, a re-imagined version of the original series, premieres onSaturday nights at 10:30 pm ET/PT, starting June 11th. Re-edited from thethirteen original cable television magazine shows, Surfer TV, the series firstaired in 1989 with host Sonny Miller, and instantly became a mainstay of the surfmedia. The show format includes: Profiles, Legends, Surf Science, Off the Lip andSurf Reports from around the globe. Surfer Classic TV episode guide, QuickTimeclips and DVDs are available on www.surfhistory.com

Opper Films has also packaged and distributed six 1970s classic surf and skatefilms for FUEL TV. The first of these films is Albert Falzon ‘ s 1972 “Morning of the Earth, ” staring Terry Fitzgerald, Rusty Miller, Steve Cooney,Nat Young, and Michael Peterson. The film portrays the fantasy life of surfersliving in three unspoiled lands and searching out new waves.

There are three Hal Jepsen movies, including ” A Sea for Yourself, ” a filmabout the good days and great waves of the 1972 winter season in California,Hawaii, and Australia. Also, his 1975 film, ” Super Sessions, ” a profile ofthe world ‘ s best surfers, featuring Larry Bertlemann, Jeff Hakman, RoryRussel, Gerry Lopez and Barry Kanaiaupuni. Finally, Jepsen ‘ s 1976 skateboardfilm, ” Skateboard Madness, ” the story of a semi coherent skateboardphotographer who sets out to capture something new and fresh for the pages ofWonder Rolling News.

Also a part of the package will be two of Scott Dittrich ‘ s films: ” Talesof the Seven Seas ” – a surf journey across the globe with the world ‘ s bestsurfers of the late ‘ 70s – and his 1976 skateboard film, ” Freewheelin,” the story of a young Stacy Peralta ‘ s lifestyle as told by his girlfriend.

Opper Films is the curator of the largest surfing film archive in the world,recently providing footage for ” Riding Giants ” and Columbia ‘ s featurerelease, ” Lords of Dogtown. ” Opper Sports Production has produced surffilms and television programs for the past twenty years. Series include: SurferTV, Hot Water TV, Frontline Sports Series, The Surfers Journal and most recently,Long Board TV.

For information on dates and showtimes or to see if you get FUEL TV, visitwww.fuel.tv.