3.2 Check Out – Ryan Kimmel

Name: Ryan Kimmel
Height: 5’6″
Weight: 165
Hometown: Rumson, New Jersey
Sponsors: No Fear, Xcel, Ocean & Earth, Spy Optics, Sharp Eye surfboards

What can I say about Ryan Kimmel? He’s a nut. See, it’s his second time, not second season, in Hawai’i, and already he’s been there for two months and has managed to paddle out on every best day, surfing with fellow teamrider and mentor Sunny Garcia.

New Jersey’s Ryan Kimmel, “Ry-Ry” as we call him, is prone for punishment, a lover of pain, and not afraid to go¿at least not anymore! Ryan came to Hawai’i for his first time to learn the ropes and see if he had what it takes to make that giant step from the East Coast slop: “I just think the East Coast guys have something to prove, like, we’re not wussies!” says Ryan.

Breaking into the North Shore to get a chance to surf that perfect wave means beatings, lumps, and, well, in Ryan’s case¿beat to hell. “I always get hit by something¿board, reef,” he says. “Oh well, I just don’t know when to stop.”¿John Keppler