3rd Annual Pacific Beach Summer Surf Off

Shoulder-to-head high, with the occasional over-head set.

Event sponsors: Rip Curl, DSO, South Coast Surf Shops, Pro Lite, and Reef

Juniors final

1st. Kyle Knox

2nd. Ian Rotgens

3rd. Julian Mullins

4th Joe Ghio

5th. Dane Reynolds

6th CJ Bradshaw

Masters final

1st. Mike Powers

2nd. James Sampson

3rd. Drew Littlemore

4th. Doug Lovengguth

5th. Dustin Curtis

6th Dave Hopper

Mens open final

1st. Mike Losness

2nd. Matt Coleman

3rd. Morgan Wright

4th Kyle Knox

5th Greg Bergeni

6th. Vince Perry

Team final

1st Ryan Simmons-PB Grill

2nd David Giddings-Quiksilver

3rd. Otto Flores-Wavelines

4th Jason Bennett-Byrne

Team winners

PB Grill

Pacific Drive