4-Time World Champion And First Roxy Team Rider Lisa Andersen Weds

Professional surfer Lisa Andersen, who currently resides in Newport Beach, C.A., recently wed her fiancé of a year Tim Shannon (an avid amateur surfer) in a private ceremony at an undisclosed location. The couple announced their engagement in 2007 during the holding period at the annual Roxy Pro surf competition at Sunset Beach, Hawaii saying that they would get married at a “secret spot.” Lisa shared that they “will be celebrating (their) honeymoon everyday all year long.” Lisa’s future plans also include coaching the US surf team for this year’s X Games to be held in Puerto Escondido, Mexico and checking out the US Open of Surfing in Huntington Beach, CA.

Lisa Andersen has laid the foundation for modern women’s surfing in the1990’s and is still the worldwide ambassador for the sport. Since exploding in the limelight as early as 1986, Lisa has become a certifiable legend, an inspiration and a pioneer who has trail-blazed a path for today’s generation of professional women surfers. As the first ever ROXY team rider, Lisa truly epitomizes what it means to be a successful female athlete and continues to reign supreme in the world of surfing to this day.

In 1986, Lisa racked up over 30 National Scholastic Surfing Association trophies and won the US National Championships at Sebastian Inlet the following year. By 1992 Lisa was chosen to be the very first ROXY-sponsored athlete when the brand asked her to join their new surf team. This honor challenged and further inspired Lisa to adapt her explosive and progressive free surfing to the hyper-competitive ASP World Tour leading her to four consecutive World Championship titles from 1994-1997. Unfortunately, a severe back problem forced her to withdraw from competitions, but ultimatelycould not keep her away from the sport as she successfully fought to win the Billabong Pro in France in 2000.

Lisa Andersen has hit many high points in an increasingly competitive sport. She became the first and only woman to ever grace the cover of Surfer Magazine, with the title, “Lisa Andersen Surfs Better Than You.” In addition, she has graced the cover of many influential magazines like Outside, Women’s Sports, Fitness, and Sports Illustrated for Women. Lisa has been featured in several videos, DVD’s, and is even featured as a character in a popular videogame. As Mark Walker wrote in Surfline Magazine, “Lisa Andersen wasn’t just the best female surfer in the world;she was one of the best professional surfers ever.”