411 To Debut Its First Surfing Video Magazine

411 Productions, long-time producers of 411VM Skateboarding video magazine are set to launch their first-ever title in the surf world?411VM Surfing issue 01 will debut on the shelves of surf shops everywhere August 5th, 2002!

411 Productions’ entrance into the surf market can be attributed to their mission of “connecting people to their passions.” Co-founder Josh Friedberg attests, “We have been focused on producing 411VM Skateboarding since we started in 1993. Our recent release of 411VM Snowboarding, 411VM BMX, and now 411VM Surfing is our way of connecting people with their passion for the sports that share the same attitudes and emotions as skateboarding.”

411VM Surfing is a project formed with the ideas and expertise of surf industry veterans Tyson Montruccio and Romey Thornton. 411VM Surfing shares the same platform as its skateboarding predecessor, following suit with articles, video and graphic editing, and music.

The premier issue of 411VM Surfing is stuffed full of so many big names, we can’t help but drop a few. Hawaiian Fred Patacchia is the proud owner of 411VM Surfing?s first ever “Day in the Life.” Taylor Knox gives follows up his finish on tour in 2001 in his “Profile” section. Air show dominator and Florida native, Aaron Cormican, is filling the first “Rookie” spot of the video.

411 takes a little trip to Tavarua for the Quiksilver Pro Fiji Restaurants at near perfection. 411VM Surfing barely escapes alive from The Box in Australia, and unravels the secrets of the North Shore phenomenon. This premier issue also features a watered up version of 411VM’s infamous “Chaos” and “Openers” articles, catching some of the most insane tricks and lines of all time on film! Roomies, Fine Tuning, and Check Up are a few of the most popular 411 articles you’ll see in 411VM Surfing issue 01.

On August 1, 2002, 411VM Surfing issue 01 will debut for the public eye at one of the world’s most prestigious surfing events — the US Open of Surfing in Huntington Beach, CA. Stop by the TransWorld SURF Lounge or the Phillips Fusion House to catch 411VM Surfing in its entirety. You can pick up a copy on VHS or DVD in SURF SHOPS ONLY around the world on August 5, 2002!!!

About 411 Productions: 411 is the number one video content provider in the action sports industry. In 1993, 411 pioneered the concept of the Skateboard Video Magazine and has since sold over one million copies of 411 titles. 411 produces 411VM Skateboarding, 411VM Snowboarding, 411VM BMX, and 411VM Surfing video magazines, as well as distributing a host of other video productions. 411 is also an industry technology leader, providing content over all media including VHS, DVD, internet, and television. Visit 411 on the web at www.411vm.com.