4/12 Big Wednesday Mailbox

Crazy Times In New Zealand

In San Diego my girlfriend & I worked three jobs to save up for a trip to Fiji, New Zealand, Australia, SE Asia & Indonesia. Fiji was great, but as we left I noticed a small zit on my elbow. In Auckland, I awoke to a huge, pussy-like boil. I took ten days of antibiotics & we spent the majority of our trip budget on a van (see pic “Van Disco Stew”).

After nine days we stopped in a small, surfless bay town to find work and help the budget. Driving back from work we smelled smoke–the van shut off & the engine was in flames!! The next day I noticed puss oozing out of my elbow like before (see pic “The Boil”). I went back to the doctor and started more antibiotics. I told a local about our van & how we would fly home if it was destroyed and he said “Nah mate. You can’t come all this way and not see New Zaylund! I have an extra car you can have!”

I barely knew him & he just gave me a car! We headed off in our free car. We made it 25 minutes and smelled smoke (again). The clutch burned out and the car overheated (again). Three whole days for this car. We had the van taken apart & it was done. I told the mechanic we were flying home & his wife said “No way guys. You can’t come all this way and NOT see this country! We’ll give you one of our cars.”

Another free car! Kiwis rule!

We headed to Gisborne to pick some apples to help the budget & another staph boil started! I had my leg sliced open, got on antibiotics (again) and was told not to work or surf as I was close to serious blood poisoning. So much for the budget (again).

After a lot of painful puss explosions we headed back to Raglan. While setting up for the Ledge barrel section, a local airdropped in front of me. (See Pic “Raglan The Drop In, you can see my flailing body in the lip in this photo) I hit the bottom hard, buckled my board and came up screaming at the guy. He and some mates paddled over and yelled “We’re sick of all you Americans comin’ over here!”

As I swam in I realized two valuable lessons: One, Kiwis are amazing people, but they are not ALL happy to see us here. Secondly, tropical infections are serious.

We’re now heading to SE Asia with very little cash, but we are still as stoked as ever. If anyone needs a free car look me up…

Jordan from San Diego

Dude, you got burned! I think you’re only mistake was coming up from the drop in and going ballistic on the local surfer–sometimes you just gotta eat shit and like it.

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