4/19 Big Wednesday Mailbox

More Florida
How come you guys never show surf from Florida? Yeah I know it sucks down here, but people don’t only surf perfect, huge waves. I know you guys showed some pics in the hurricane issue, but you should show some more pics and stories on Florida
Bryce in Ponce Inlet, Florida

Did you say more pictures of Florida? We get a lot of Model Search entries from Florida, that’ll have to do until ‘can season fires up again.

Hates Thieves
I decided to go surfing the other day with some of the bros at Grandview. The conditions were shitty. It was a super low tide and the wind was blowing good, but there were waves so we decided to paddle out. After a couple hours I cruised up to my car to find my wallet, my bros wallet, and my iPod gone. Some f–ers thought it would be cool to break into my truck, steal my shit, and then charge $341 on my credit card. I just wanted to say to those who stole my stuff, burn in hell you fu–ing pieces of shit. I hate you. What happened to the good old days when people didn’t steal your shit? This world is going to hell.
Thanks and have a nice day.
Burned in Encinitas

One time when I was in 6th grade I stashed my skate on the bluff at Beacons and it was stolen. That sucked, and I too hope that every thieving scumbag rots and burns in hell. However, you got off easy, my brother had a gun pulled on him in the parking lot at Grandview. Moral of the story? Don’t surf Grandview–it’s a shitty wave anyway .

Where’s Archy?
Did you get a closer look at the picture of Brent Dorrington at Snapper Rocks? This is in the “Worlds Best Rights” pictorial. Someone right behind Brent got stuffed to the gills. Entertaining to say the least! By the way, what is Archy doing now? You seem to be the magazine that gives him the most coverage. Can you confirm whether or not he’s trying to re-qualify for the Tour? He seems to be entering more contests and had a huge accomplishment almost winning the Santa Cruz CWC.
Andrew in Santa Cruz

According to reports, Matt “Archy Archbold has moved to the North Shore of Oahu and is raising his son, Ford, over there. Be on the lookout for some crazy backdoor tube riding from Archy next winter.

Matt Warshaw’s Response To Coté’s Cube With Brett Simpson
I know it’s teeny-tiny little 8-point type, but I FULLY credited Brett Simpson on the back cover of the Encyclopedia of Surfing (Didn’t credit Peter King on the hardcover EOS, but that’s another story, plus PK, as a Born Again comic who won’t work blue, is of course going to get a just reward in heaven, and thus has no need for such meaningless worldly recognition).
Matt Warshaw

Finally a famous author writes in, I still had to correct a spelling error, though. It’s “worldly not “wordly right Mr. Warshaw? Anyway, who cares, thanks for watching Coté’s Cube and we love your work!

Sick Defined
Your magazine has always been sick, I have the first issue and have never left a copy un-bought. But I think your getting confused between the sick and … well, the sick. First was the sick air from the Bali feature with the sick arse crack hanging out. I let that go, not enough to write my letter about, but now I have conclusive proof: Last issue, the travel one (aren’t they all?), it’s Noodles sick turn on your last page–I believe the guy has an erection going on–now that’s the wrong kind of sick.
Simon, an Englishman in the corner of America

I’m not sure if I’m following you here, Simon. Did you say that an “arse crack shot is sick in a good way and the package shot of Noodles (irony at it’s finest) is sick in a bad way? What are you saying? You’re an ass man? Must be a British thing, thanks for the letter, Simon.