41st Annual ESA Eastern Surfing Championships Underway In The Outer Banks

The cream of the Right Coast crop has risen to the top and they're here all week at the Outer Banks of North Carolina.

Day one at the 2008 ESA Eastern Surfing Championships held at Cape Hatteras National Park in North Carolina. Photo: Justin Cote

The big news here is that the contest has gone mobile. That's right, just like a WCT event, the ESA—with the blessing of the National Park Rangers—is looking to move the event down the coast to Frisco, a quick ten-minute drive down Highway 12.

Why the move? Try having a contest in 40-knot winds and sending 10-year old girls into triple overhead surf. That said, it's Game On for everyone here and the level of excitement concerning the swell is palpable.

It’s not perfect, but with overhead lefts reeling down the beach and the water in the mid 70s, nobody’s complaining—especially with some solid surf coming our way midweek.

The adult divisions ran today in windy, yet head-high and rip-able conditions. We were quite busy surfing really fun waves down the beach and there was tons of spray that made it difficult to see who was ripping the hardest, but suffice to say these old boys out here on still on their A-game.

We just got home from the opening banquet, where we were treated to a heavy dose of Southern hospitality courtesy of the ESA and Hatteras Realty. With food like this: fried chicken, pulled pork, potato salad, 'slaw, baked beans, hushpuppies, and sweet tea, we best be doing some serious paddling in the next couple days…

Vegetarian? You ain’t from these parts are ya?

On a side note, four nearby portal-potties were burned to the ground today by an arsonist and there's a $1000 reward out for this jerkoff. Contact Justin.cote@transworld.net with any leads—I only take 25%. In all seriousness, let's not allow someone to ruin the privilege of having the ESA Championships at one of America's premier spots. It's way too beautiful out here for that.

ESA member Kyla holds a beautiful painting donated by ESA legend Cecil Lear that went up for bid.
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