4/26 Big Wednesday Mailbox

Hey Bald Guy With Wetsuit Cap!
A special note to the bald guy with the wetsuit hat who surfs Beacons all the time with the blueish yellowish fish: You are a complete bastard. I’ve barely lived here a year now and EVERYONE knows about you and your wave snaking, dropping in and general “asshole of the ocean” ways. I’ve shared so many knowing nods of frustration with so many complete strangers when we see you paddling out its ridiculous. Congratulations, you are “that guy” to so many of us residents that otherwise have a great time in the water.
Thank you
Keith A.

What a surprise, a kook at Beacons. Why don’t you stop whining and give him a taste of his own medicine and stuff his bald ass? Perhaps a good old fade to shin takedown? Here’s a Beacons tidbit that’s completely irrelevant: When I was twelve I saw Donald Takayama get like a five second barrel while nose riding south peak. I bet that fish riding barn wouldn’t have snaked him.

In the current issue you write about the style-gods… And simply left Dave Rastovich out?? C’mon guys, everybody knows that he belongs on those pages… No Chris, this isn’t another letter about man-love… It’s about style, and Rasta represents it. Or did someone rip a page out of the magazine on the way to Switzerland??
PS: Can you get me in contact with Swiss-Kiss Sarah? Didn’t know there are more surfing Swiss-bankers out there! Plus she might need some help taking the pictures for the Model-Search…

You’re right; Rasta is the epitome of style. But that’s life in the surf mag business and not everyone with sick style was featured. Did you ever see Richard Cram ever surf? Now that’s style my friend. And about the Swiss Miss: If she emails a reply to this letter I’ll be the matchmaker.

What A Girl!
This may be a little strange to ask, but I’m organizing a round the world surf tour for my boyfriend, and was wondering if you guys have any tips on the best places to go? He’s pretty competent, I’m looking for the ‘unknown’ quiet spots which are fairly reliable, and all over the world. Anywhere. Any suggestions you might have would be great?

I’m going to answer this as if you’re not going on the round the world trip with your boyfriend, which would either make you a) the coolest girlfriend ever, or b) trying to get rid of his sorry ass. That said, start him off in Tahiti where the women are a sultry mix of French and Polynesian blood–and the waves crank. After that (if doesn’t stay and get married), line up his ticket to Australia. The women there are reportedly quite easy (should he not hook up in Tahiti) and the waves excellent. He’ll probably need some “massages after battling the current at the Superbank, and while the waves are crap, the “massages are top notch in Thailand. From there, he’s a hop skip and a jump from Indo. Book it babe, he’ll love you long time.

Too Much Tail?
Over the past few months, I’ve noticed that all your photography on the website has turned into young girls sending in their photos for the model search. Now don’t get me wrong, that’s great and all, but I have always loved TransWorld Surf because of the surf photography. It’s honestly THE best surf photography around, but there aren’t any pictures of surf anymore, just these girls. Could we try to get some more surf in rather than the model search?

Gee, really sorry about that Logan. You do have a valid point though; we’ve become a bit overzealous with our Model Search–and why not? Just for you: check out “29 Lefts From Around The World–there’s no poontang at all.

New Clothing Company From Ireland
My name is Richie Fitzgerald from Bundoran Ireland. We have recently started an Irish company based in Bundoran Ireland and Neptune Beach Florida, called Irish Surf Culture. We are a unique Celtic Irish apparel company, with all our designs 100% originaal, illustrations and images of Ireland. I also work with LLLTS cross boarder ‘peace and reconciliation’ programs in Ireland. We take disadvantaged Protestant children and bring them surfing with Catholic children from our local school in Bundoran. You can read about it on our website at www.irishsurfculture.com or if you have ever seen the movie ‘Step into Liquid’, you will have seen me and the Malloy brothers in the Irish part of the movie. I would love to have a link to your web site.
Richie Fitzgerald

You’re wish is my command, sounds like you’re doing a good thing and being an Irish Catholic…well, I don’t know how that fits in besides I love Guinness beer.

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