5 American Videos For Your Fourth

There’s No Waves In NYC

Hence why Quiksilver is holding the Quik Pro NY in just about two months to reinstate the East Coast onto the ASP World Tour. But in two months time, when (hopefully) the tropics will be brewing, it’ll be a different story. In five months time (like December), it’s a completely transformed ballgame (and landscape)…

Conner And Kolohe, Lowers

Two of America’s most promising young men demolish America’s best break in their own patriotic styles to the beat of an Edward Sharpe tune that hasn’t been annoyingly played out.

Dane Reynolds, The Fourth [2010]

I wanted to give you Dane’s new mini for today, Social Anxiety And Lost Interest, but he wasn’t having it (it’s coming soonish, which is an obviously indefinite time allowance for his other worldly pursuits). But for today, we’ll go with Dane’s 4th of July celebration from the year 2010, which seems pretty fitting.

An Afternoon At Lowers With Carissa Moore

An afternoon date with the lovely Carissa Moore. Yes she is Hawaiian, but Hawaii is still a state in the good ol’ U-S-of-A. And a date with the most likely, soon to be new women’s World Champ is a date most of us would give our right arms for.

Kelly Slater, Campaign 2

What 4th of July tribute would be complete without the greatest American surfer to ever walk the earth (and he’s without a doubt the greatest of any nationality as well)? Campaign 2 was a big movie for Kelly and it’s always been one of my favorite section’s of his (along with Sipping Jetstreams and Good Times). He was in the process of wrestling back the World Title from Andy Irons and Campaign 2 let everyone know that Kelly would still be relevant in his later years. Little did we know that relevant would be more like domineering…

Carissa Moore