5 Flick Friday

Evan Geiselman In Costa Rica

Is it me or does Evan Geiselman’s surfing get smoother and smoother every single day? You best believe the kid is looking to repeat as the Nike US Open Pro Junior champ. And don’t be surprised if he takes a few scalps as a wildcard in the main event.

US Open Promo

Speaking of it, the US Open is coming. Here’s a cool little promo.

Another Dusty Week In Winter

Filmer Toby Creegan gives us another clip from his epic Australian desert trip with a few mates. Long, tubular right-handers are once again on offer for the boys to enjoy just to themselves.

Jordy Smith’s Road To Victory

Jordy Smith’s road to repeating victory at the Billabong Pro Jeffrey’s Bay. Like there was any doubt he was going to keep that title after finally winning it.

Nate Tyler, Thanks For The Dinner And The Sex

You’ve seen Taj’s section, now here’s Nate Tyler’s section from Dion Agius’ self-made flick. Equally as good, equally as hisptery of an edit (that’s right, I used hipster in adjective form).

Evan Geiselman