5 hilarious times the surfer bro stereotype played out on camera; video

Surfers have long battled the “surfer bro” stereotype that Sean Penn’s Jeff Spicoli long ago labeled us with.

While we have come much further than that stereotype first reared its head in 1982, there are certainly times when the global view of surfers is nothing more than the burnt-out, lazy bum image.

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And sometimes that view comes directly from surfers themselves, trolling unbeknownst mainstreamers with slang who have only that image in their minds. We gathered 5 classic on-camera moments that the “surfer bro” stereotype played out — whether intentionally or unintentionally.

This New York surfer was certainly trolling PIX 11.

1. So Pitted

Around the time YouTube started coming into its own, we were graced with the “So Pitted Guy” and his descriptions of an epic Wedge session. Part adrenaline from the session, part being in front of a camera, he set the bar for surfer bros everywhere to match.

2. All Hail Paul Walker

Recently, two “freelance journalists” decided to regale the San Clemente City Council on the reasons the city needs a 12-foot Paul Walker memorial statue. Chad Kroger and Bodie (probably not their real names) make the case for Walker and we’re pretty sure they were just playing the City Council.

3. Hatchet Kai

Here’s where things get a little more serious. While we can laugh at Kai’s gestures and demeanor as he tells he came “straight from Dog Town,” he became a hero in Fresno, California when he was hitch hiking by wielding a hatchet to save lives. His life has not been so perfect since then, as he is in jail awaiting trial for murder in a separate incident.

4. New York Blizzards

A recent blizzard in New York this winter gave an opportunity for one surfer to completely troll the PIX 11 news crew. Telling them he had never surfed before that day and asking for a ride back to his car, the news crew thinks he’s crazy while he’s just pulling one over on them in front of a live audience.

5. Nub TV Goes On The News

The Nub TV crew from South Jersey are some of the most stoked guys you will ever meet. And given the opportunity to get in front of live cameras, they play up the surfer bro image and have a hilarious time doing so.