5 Indonesian surf escapes to do right now

With fall in full-swing, the Indonesia prime-time for waves is beginning to roll down.

Alas, September and October (with dead winds and great late-season swells) are still some of the best two months to pull the trigger on a quick trip.

Also, after a quick search on Kayak, yes, flights are possibly the cheapest they’ve ever been ($600 round trip from LAX right now, even). That’s a steal and you know it.

So, where to begin and subsequently score in that huge archipelago? Let us give you a few options for the type of journey that best suits you. (There’s something for everyone out there.)

Now, book that dream trip you’ve always wanted to … it’s too cheap not to.

Escape the Crowds

Notice no one's on that one? Kinda common here. Telo Islands. Photo: Beau Flemister

Notice no one’s on that one? Kinda common here. Telo Islands. Photo: Beau Flemister

Where: Telo Island Lodge, Telo Islands, North Sumatra

Why: Because you’re looking for perfect waves … without all the Mentawai surf charter boat crowds. Enter Telo Islands, some of the most gorgeous islands on the planet, with a plethora of waves (for all skill-levels) surrounding them.

The Telo Island Lodge is a great launching point with amazing food, boat transfers to the waves, great bungalows and even fishing excursions. It’s a mission to get there, but well worth the travel time.

How to get there: Fly to Medan, North Sumatra, then catch the designated exclusive charter plane to the Telos. It’s a 30 minute boat ride to the lodge from there.

Stoke Out the Spouse

Dusk fantasia on Rote Island, Indonesia. Photo: Beau Flemister

Dusk fantasia on Rote Island, Indonesia. Photo: Beau Flemister

Where: Rote Island Lodge, Rote Island, West Timor

Why: Because the island of Rote is the island that all the expats on Bali claim is “Bali 30 years ago.” Yes, with not a stoplight in site, and a number of amazing waves of all caliber on the island, Rote has a sleepy romance to it, one that your significant other would highly appreciate.

Try the Rote Island Lodge, which has two crazy affordable open air stone bungalows on a hill overlooking two amazing waves.

How to get there: Fly from Bali to Kupang, Timor (90 minutes), then catch quick 30-minute flight (or 2-hour ferry) to Rote, then another 1-hour drive to Nembralla on the other side of the island.

Exclusive Luxury

Where: Nihiwatu Resort, Sumba

Why: You just sold your startup and got money to blow and dreams to fulfill. Or, maybe you’ve just been saving up for a while and you want a private wave in front of a 5-star all-inclusive surf resort.

You’ve come to the right place (especially if you’re a goofy-footer) as Nihiwatu spares no detail, in the food, the service and, yes, the very consistent perfect lefthander out front. Reservations required.

How to get there: Fly into Sumba from Bali (90-minute flight), and a Nihiwatu driver will pick you up and take to the resort 2 hours away.

Still Off the Radar

Where: Desa Limasan Lodge, East Java

Why: You’re looking for an authentic, dirt cheap “The Real Indonesia” experience. The kind of trip guys were doing 20 years ago to little known corners of the nation.

Near Desa Limasan, the wave out front is a slabby right tube on one corner and a left in the other, all in front of a picture-perfect white sand beach, surrounded by Jurassic Park scenery. If the wave is a little too advanced there, a short ride away is an easier pointbreak.

How to get there: Fly into Jakarta, connect to Yogyakarta (1-hour flight away), then catch a cab (3 hours) to Desa Limasan in East Java.

Waves and a Night-Life

Oakley Pro Bali

One thing you can bet on is that you’ll be seeing this view from the Komune Beach Resort at Keramas a lot more. Photo: Courtesy of Hennings/Oakley

Where: Kommune Resort and Beach Club, Bali

Why: Because you’re looking for a wave that’s literally a stone’s throw from the pool. A pool, by the way, that fills up with babes and mixed drinks, both mingling with the sound of a DJ-set bumping from speakers surrounding the pool.

And a wave, by the way, that’s a consistent right tube that they even shine a spotlight on at night just in case you missed the right tide during the day.

How to get there: Fly into Bali (DPS) from LAX (usually one stop along the way) and then get a cab from the airport straight to Kommune Resort (at Keramas) about 90 minutes away.

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