5 Sick Sequences Presented By DC


While we’re not exactly sure, we think this a Brazilian surfer (who rides for MCD nowadays?) getting absolutely pitted at Pipeline. It’s good to know that random dudes can still show up and blow up at the most intensely crowded and regulated spots in the world. Ed note: Turns out this is underground Pipe charger Stephan Figueiredo. Photo: Bielmann/SPL


It’s that time of year when surfers start looking at maps of Mexico and thinking about long, rippable right points with sand bottoms and cold cervezas for sale on the beach. Eric Geiselman somewhere down South… Photo: Nelly/SPL


During a trip to Peru in late January 2011 DC team rider Clay Marzo had finally healed from some nagging injuries and was keen to get back into the water--particularly to a few spots he had been to before in northern Peru. Suffice to say, we scored all time surf and Clay was blowing peoples minds every time he surfed. Aside form his massive punts and innate sense of the tube, his ability to pull off the impossible is what really stuck out. Photo: Stafford/SPL


Brazilian World Tour surfer Jadson Andre’s ace-in-back-pocket frontside reverse. Must be nice to do these at will… Photo: Bielmann/SPL wade-goodall

Wade Goodall has never met a ramp he didn’t like, especially at Canggu on the west side of Bali. Photo: Dorsey