5 Videos For Your Friday

A Good Start To Winter

Kai Otton, Sam Page, and some other Aussies start winter off with a bang around Sydney’s Northern Beaches.

Julian’s Last Days In Rio

Julian Wilson and Rio seemed to have gotten along well, despite that 25th he went home with…

Albee Layer Charging The Wedge

One thing you’ll learn about this year’s Innersection round 1 winner is that he’s not afraid to go on just about anything…

Road To Recovery With Brendan Buckley

This past May, New Jersey’s Brendan Buckley injured his knee while on a surf trip in Central America. Here, Brendan gives some advice on what to do in order to stay productive during an injury and gives us some insight into what Dane Reynolds may have been up to these last few months (probably not though). And you probably don’t want to take Brendan’s advice either.

A South Coast Start To Winter

Finish where we started off: Australia’s winter kicking in. Except for this we head to the South Coast. There’s something refreshing about watching a virtually unheard of guy (Brett Burcher) getting some serious barrels all to himself.