5 Videos For Your Friday

Billabong’s Blow Up Trailer

The free, downloadable surf movie is all the rage these days. If you’re not doing one as a company you’re blowing it. Hence Billabong’s Blow Up, which is to be offered for free download at Billabong.com/blowup sometime this June.

Dane Reynolds, Sorry Entertainer

Did you really think I wasn’t going to post the first video update on Marinelayerproductions.com since April 3o? There’s something ironically telling about the lack of updates/the video’s song/Dane’s absence from the surfing world of late. Or maybe I’m just looking too far into this and it’s really just a solid clip on a blog that hadn’t been updated in a while because Dane’s knee is bothering him. Either way, how’s that shove-it to cap off the clip?

Nike 6.0 Chosen, Behind The Scenes

If you’ve been watching the NBA Finals at all then you’ve noticed the Nike 6.0 Chosen commercials airing on prime time television. It features Julian, Kolohe, Michel, Laura, Monyca, Malia, and more shredding Keramas and Tyhpoon Lagoon all lit up at night. Nike really is pushing surfing to the masses, and if it means we get to see more of Laura, Moyca, and Malia, then we’re all for it.

Shaka Gnar Gnar

The new rap anthem for surfers everywhere. Pretty funny stuff. I’m sure we all know someone like these bros…

Taking Shade

Though the footage is a couple years old, we don’t think you’ll mind this ode to Western Australia mutant tubes. The likes of Taj, T. Knox, Kerrzy, The Harringtons, Yadin Nicol, and more charging some of West Oz’s most hellish growers.

*Bonus vid: Blue Crush 2 Trailer

I know you’ve been waiting years for this. I figured this extra bonus clip would remind you just how cheese most mainstream surf movie attempts are, and we can surely all laugh at that.

Monyca Byrne-Wickey