50/50 Waveskates

Ben Wei is a local Oceanside, California bro who surfs and skateboards very well. He even wears a hat with his name engraved on it. Ben’s also been highly involved in experimental surfboard designs with surf/skate combinations in mind. “I started skateboarding way before I surfed¿six years to be exact,” says Wei. “I was always frustrated with surfing because I couldn’t do the same maneuvers that I already knew how to do on a skateboard. Since that day, I’ve been working on surfboard designs that feel more natural to a skateboarder.”His latest project, called 50/50 Waveskates, feature shorter board lengths¿average boards range from five-foot to five-ten. He creates them for junky surf¿the boards tend to get more speed on flatter waves. According to Wei: “The wider and thicker tail block keeps water from crawling over the rail, giving a cleaner release. When setting up for airs down the line, the Waveskate will start on top of water as opposed to in the water, allowing for higher pop.” Ben also feels the shorter board lengths are better for fakie landings and quicker rotations¿the boards have the ability to fit in tighter places on smaller waves.¿A.C. For more information on Ben’s latest and greatest Waveskate designs, e-mail him directly at barelylegalben@hotmail.com.