“5th Symphony Document” Premieres At La Paloma

By Megan Carli and John Maynard

“5th Symphony Document” premiered at the famous La Paloma Theater last night, with two-thirds of the theater full and surfers like Rob Machado, Benji Weatherley, Saxon Boucher, Joe Curren, Jeremy Heit, and Jason Bennet making an appearance not only at the premiere, but in the movie as well.

[IMAGE 1]La Paloma was gracious enough to donate the theater for the night, and all the proceeds from the premiere benefited the San Diego chapter of the Surfrider Foundation. Ezekiel, Electric, Gravis, OAM, and Nixon pitched in for the raffle, which also benefited Surfrider.

The movie, produced and directed by Chad Campbell, takes us into the lives — and homes — of a handful of professional surfers. It’s the first movie in a long time that exposes the person behind the surfer. Shane Dorian gives us a tour of his home, and explains how you can tell a lot about a person by how he decorates his home. His theme was simplicity. Heit and Bennet give us the dirt on Oceanside and show us their music collection.


But it’s not just all show and no go. In a schizophrenic flurry, “5th Symphony” hops from place to place: one moment you’re in Oz, the next second in Oceanside, then Cabo, then Indo, then Hawai’i, then back to Oz, then Rincon. The surfing is progressive, but not in the aerial sense. Progressive in the sense where discovery is the priority; where the process presides over the result.

“5th Symphony Document” has a bunch of special treats: Pearl Jam front man and longtime Surfrider Foundation supporter Eddie Vedder jams with Slater and Aussie band Red Whyte; Slater and Tom Carroll talk about board design; and we get to find out more about the Curren family.

The soundtrack is also amazing: it varies from mellow and cruisey, to upbeat. Check out www.5thsymphony.com for a complete list.

“5th Symphony Document” will continue its nationwide premiere tour next Friday in San Clemente. For more tour info, click here

To get your copy, visit www.poorspecimen.com