6/21 Big Wednesday Mailbox

Chemistry Geek Chimes In
You shafted Keith Malloy in your last quiz with the oddly worded question: Which of the following is not an organic material used in making resin: coal, natural gas, lime sulfur, petroleum, wood or water. Because water and lime sulfur don’t contain carbon they are not organic molecules, and therefore neither is an organic material used in making resin. His answer of water was correct, and he should have gotten one more point and won your little quiz.
Chem geek,
Goleta, CA.

Last time I checked, water is organic in the sense that nothing is added to it. Then again, I never even got close to Chemistry in high school or college so what the hell do I know. Thanks for the heads up, geek.

Learn How To Spell Gringo
Hey, Justin Cote you spelled “cholo” wrong in the Bobby Martinez photo caption. A “chollo” is like something you get cheap; like a bargain.
So in reality you’re saying Bobby Martinez has a sweet bargain mustache.
Ursula Martinez Olivo

Yo soy muy estupido! Lo siento, Ursula. However, seeing as how Bobby didn’t have to pay for his mustache, it could be said that he did get a great deal on it. I tried to jock Bobby’s steez in Tahiti but I looked more like a confused Frenchman than a homie. PS: Did you see Bobby blowing up at the Rip Curl event in Oaxaca? The kid is on fire!

Thanks For Showing Girls
Stoked on the mag. Good to see that you’re running some sick shots of girls – Silvana, Bevo, and Chelsea so far. Gives me much hope since all the girl mags went under. Most of them sucked any way. Sometimes you just gotta pick between surf and fashion – those weren’t doing a good job at either. Separating high performance guys from high performance girls (as you are beginning to show) is unnecessary – ripping is ripping and sick shots are sick shots (sorry for the tautology). Enough rambling.
San Francisco, CA.

Don’t worry about the tautology because I have no idea what that is. As for the women in our magazine–our pleasure. Wait until you see the next issue–we just had a trip to Indo with the girls you mentioned and they were ripping harder than anyone’s ever seen–guaranteed!

New Use For The Mag
During my reading of your comments on the internet vs. the printed page in the Aug issue’s “editor’s note”, I felt the need to add one more valuable additional benefit of the surf magazine.
When one takes a journey with a backpack, or real camping anywhere, or “taking the browns to the super bowl”, or sitting with the in-laws at gramma’s, the very foldable, versatile, surf magazine, whichever mag it is, is the best thing to relax with. It will also work as a pillow! I hope that the surf mag will never leave us. As a recovering “B/S-lifeaholic”, I am rediscovering how surfing IS the best way of life in this world.
You can’t leave a “www.internetsurfmagazine.com” with a surf stoked kid/person in Rio San Juan DR, or pay a toll in Mexico, can you?

Why don’t you just go out there and say you use magazines to wipe your ass? The best part about that practice is if it’s humid enough, you can actually transfer a sweet shot of Slater at Backdoor to your white, hairy ass.

Love The Flair!
Hey! I just wanted to say that I really like your magazine! I thought last months Photo Issue was just amazing and really liked the picture of Scott Stopnick all decked out! I thought it was really cool that this picture was put in after the article about surfers having no flair.

Scott apparently works in an office and decided to sneak a quick session in before work. His suit is waterproof and in between sets he uses a waterproof Blackberry to communicate to shareholders.

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