7 Instagram reasons big-wave surfers risk their lives

Just why do big-wave surfers risk their lives? Is it for the glory? The money? The rush? The training? Or the lifestyle?

Here are seven images that provide a few clues as to why some surfers dedicate their lives to riding waves that could kill them.

Even your post-surf recovery saunas have ocean views

A photo posted by Ian Walsh (@ian.walsh) on

This is how Maui big-wave surfer Ian Walsh recovers from a Jaws session. The view is almost worth the two-minute long hold-downs and violent wipeouts.

You can laugh in the face of life-and-death situations

A video posted by Mark Healey (@donkeyshow) on

It seems that facing life-and-death situations gives you the ability to laugh at yourself. Here, Mark Healey finds a novel way to deal with the Eddie Aikau competition being called off.

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You get to date other professional athletes (and kiss them on red carpets)

Big-wave rider Keala Kennelly has ridden some of the world's most terrifying breaks. No wonder, then, that she and pro golfer girlfriend Nikki DiSanto let their hair down when on the safety of dry land.

You can wind down by killing and skinning very large animals

A photo posted by Shane Dorian (@shanedorian) on

After riding waves the size of apartment blocks, killing a massive bull elk is just a fun way of winding down, if you’re Shane Dorian, that is.

Your other car is a Lamborghini

A photo posted by Nicholas Lamb (@nic_lamb) on

Recent Titans of Mavericks winner Nic Lamb said, “The new Lamborghini Huracán is just as fun as a late Mavericks drop!”

We'll have to take his word for it.

Your life looks like something out of a movie

A photo posted by Kai Lenny (@kai_lenny) on

“My life is something out of a movie, and the people surrounding me are truly superheroes!” captioned Kai Lenny of the above photo.

After cutting half his foot off in a wipeout, Lenny was picked up by the helicopter, had stiches en route and was in a hospital bed within 45 minutes.

Because what doesn't kill you makes you stronger, right?

A photo posted by Albee Layer (@johnjohn_slater) on

Maui big-wave surfer Albee Layer fell from the sky on a massive Jaws wave and had to be hospitalized (not that a near-death experience is about to stop him).

“So I’m alive and luckily no fractures in my neck or spine,” he captioned the above image. “Tonnes of muscle and other damage, but nothing that will stop me from a quick recovery. I feel like Jaws owes me one now. I really hope there’s a redemption swell before the year ends.”

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