7 ways to partake in International Surfing Day

Saturday, June 17, is going to mark the day that the Surfrider Foundation celebrates International Surfing Day (ISD) this year. ISD is technically June 20, and has been since it was organized for the first time back in 2004.

Regardless, celebrating it on the third Saturday of June is now the standard, as it will hopefully allow the largest amount of people to get involved. And while there are more-organized events to get involved in, there are also plenty of things you can do yourself to spread the stoke of surfing.

Here are seven ways to partake in International Surfing Day.

Push some groms into waves

If you were ever a surf-obsessed grom, then you inevitably remember those rare moments when one of the older surfers helped you out in some regard.

Whether they helped you put your leash on the proper ankle, showed you where to paddle out or even pushed you into waves, return the favor and help out some groms; it’ll go a long way toward creating future surfers who help others.

Give someone a wave (or two)

Wave count can reign king sometimes, especially in Southern California lineups. But change that mentality and offer courtesy to others and the right of way.

When you give someone else a wave that is technically yours, people cherish it and are thankful. You may even get one in return.

Clean up the beach

While organized beach cleanups are a consistent must, surfers should be picking up trash any time they’re on the beach. Adhere to the rule of thumb that whenever you surf, you should pick up and pack out three pieces of trash you find. You’ll be amazed at how quickly it becomes a habit.

Get out there for the first time

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If you’ve always wanted to surf, now is the time. What better day to start than International Surfing Day? If you’ve been surfing for a while, then take someone out with you who doesn’t know how.

Spread the stoke and let someone else bask in the happiness that can come from the ocean.

Donate old surf gear

Got a garage full of old wetsuits, fins and boards? There are kids out there who would certainly take them off your hands. Groups like the Positive Vibe Warriors take old boards and get them to kids who can’t afford boards themselves.

Or maybe donate your old wetsuits to your local surf shop for their use for summer surf lessons. Maybe they can even start a recycling program for old neoprene.

Support your local surf shop and shaper

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Without your local surf shop and shaper, your surf community would not be what it is. Even if you’re not shopping for a new board, go down and buy a bar of wax or maybe grab your shaper a cup of coffee. Let them know you appreciate them being there for you.

Get out there and catch a few waves/h2>

Get a barrel for International Surfing Day. Photo: Courtesy of Unsplash/Pexels

Most importantly, go surf. Without surfing, International Surfing Day would cease to exist. Get out in the ocean and enjoy every minute of it.

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