8 Arrested After Post US Open Riot

HB Riot

Keepin’ it classy in HB… Photo courtesy latimes.com

8 Arrested After Post US Open of Surfing Riot

Hours after Alejo Muniz and Carissa Moore were crowned as US Open champions, hooligans took to the streets of Huntington Beach and began rioting. A stop sign was smashed through a bicycle shop window, dudes were fighting in the street, portable toilets were overturned, vehicles were damaged, and cops were firing rubber bullets and tear gas. The shenanigans lasted for two hours before police were able to get the crowd to disperse. According to an eyewitness, the mayhem started when a bottle of ketchup was tossed from a rooftop bar and into a crowd. The last time there was a disturbance of this magnitude at the US Open was in 1986 when the crowd rioted on the beach during a bikini contest. According to reports eight people were arrested and police are looking for more as they go through cell phone photos and video.

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