90 Sharks To Be Killed Off Reunion Island

90 Sharks To Be Killed Off Reunion Island

In an effort to stem the flow of fatal shark attacks, officials on Reunion Island off the coast of Africa have decided to kill 90 bull and tiger sharks. There have been two fatal attacks in 2013 alone, and a total of five fatal attacks since 2011. And while George Burgess from the Florida Natural History Museum denounced the cull as "an archaic, knee-jerk reaction" he doesn't live there and hasn't lost friends and family members—as well as access to a world class surf spot—to the aggressive, man-eating sharks. See below for more information from the huffingtonpost.com.—JC

Authorities on the Indian Ocean island of Réunion have announced a plan to kill 90 sharks along its coastline, in addition to 24 already killed over the past year, in response to five human deaths from shark attacks there since 2011.

George Burgess, director of shark research at Florida Natural History Museum and an expert on shark attacks, immediately denounced the killing program to GrindTV.com and later, in an interview with TakePart, as "an archaic, knee-jerk reaction that seems more borne of vengeance than of science."

Burgess warned that such revenge killings would do more to hurt the tourism trade on Réunion than the sharks themselves: "This likely will blow up in their faces because most visitors to Réunion have a more sophisticated conservation ethic than the authorities are apparently giving them credit for."

At the same time, the authorities also announced a seasonal ban on surfing across much of the island, according to Surfer magazine, which broke the story. This measure has caused further outrage among surfers, many of whom had lobbied in the past for a shark culling program.

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