A Couple Words From Our Photo Editor

Late at night, when those hot California summer nights keep me up tossing and turning, I find myself dwelling about surf photos and ideas that I love to orchestrate. Sometimes it drives me nuts. I thought I’d share these moments with you, and if you get excited enough, maybe you’ll get out there and try to do some of this shit. Some of these ideas have been done in the past but without the photographic technology and expertise we have nowadays.

Parallel stance barrel shot: Incredible or incredibly stupid? You’ll need to ride some sort of 70s single fin or longboard to pull off this shot. Maybe a headband, straggly beard, etc…. Keep your head down, style is important.

Backside air w/ a body variel: Actually this shot came across my light table last week. I thought it would look sweet if someone launched one high enough to actually see the body varrel happen mid air. Well, this trick hasn’t been perfected yet, but Dane Reynolds came close a couple weeks ago in Tavarua. Check out the sequence.

A flash shot done properly: Okay, nighttime surfing shots are among us, thanks to Marc and Sherm here at TW, but we need more flash guys in the water. It’s so hard for us to find kids to swim out after dark and hold those blasted flash/transmitter rigs. How cool would it be to light up a whole lineup????

Helicopter acid drop: Someone (Bruce) could do this as long as his board didn’t get swooped up into the helicopter blades on the drop in. How big could someone (Bruce) go, fifteen, twenty feet? Think Danny Way (Bruce) DC ad.

Backside judo air: Christian Fletcher did one of these in the early 90s. To my knowledge no one has done one with any substance since. Check out the move on Herbie Fletcher’s movie Tweak Freaks.

Look-back barrel shot: Its been done before, too, but no one has captured anything that’s photographically beautiful to look at. I’ve seen landshots of guys looking back in the barrel, but no watershots. How about a fisheye lens to capture this shot? The guy, his head turned back towards a monster blue barrel-punk rock!