A Deeper Shade Of Blue At La Paloma Theater

Jack McCoy’s A Deeper Shade Of Blue At La Paloma Theater

"A Deeper Shade of Blue" Brings Greatest Surfing Story Ever Told to Encinitas at the La Paloma Theatre

Capistrano Beach, CA - April 2nd, 2013 - Riding a wave of praise as the "greatest surfing story ever told," filmmaker/director Jack McCoy’s "A Deeper Shade of Blue" will barrel into the iconic La Paloma Theater starting Friday April 5th, with screenings at 7 p.m. and 9:15 pm daily. "It's an incredible honor to bring my latest love letter to the sport and culture of surfing to the big screen," said McCoy. "With so many fellow surfers, musicians and fans contributing their passion to this unique story, it's going to be an unforgettable experience at one of the premiere places to watch a surf film in San Diego."

Surf enthusiasts will dive in as they experience McCoy's innovative videography that captures stunning underwater imagery using an underwater jet ski. The film brings together surfers and surfboard builders across the history of surfing from the beginnings in Hawaii to the wave pools and tow-assisted big wave riding of today. Featured surfers share their stories, waves and magical connection to a common culture that's rooted in the Hawaiian tradition of Aloha and is now a global phenomenon.

Featured in the film are legendary surfing sensations Jamie O'Brien, The Marshall Brothers, Derek Hynd, Marti Paradisis, Terry Chung, Jordy Smith, Tom Wegener and Teachupoo big wave rider Manoa Drollet. Set to inspire surf fanatics and non-surfers alike, "A Deeper Shade of Blue" is driven by an exhilarating soundtrack that includes Foo Fighters, Coldplay, Paul McCartney and Youth, Kaukahi featuring Jack Johnson, Iggy Pop and many others.

McCoy, producer of epic surfing films for the last 40 years, has created his most impactful picture yet with "A Deeper Shade of Blue," which explores the epic nature of the sport; its roots; the history of surfing culture; and the technology of the surfboard. It also describes how two female surfers played a largely significant role in surfing's rise to worldwide fame Hawaiian Princess Kaiulani, who resurrected surfing in the late 1800s and Malibu surfing legend Gidget, who brought surfing to the masses in the late 1950s.

The film is dedicated to Bud Browne, Jeff Johnson and the Queen of Makaha Rell Sunn and McCoy wishes to share with viewers the Aloha of surfing. A Deeper Shade of Blue gives audiences a front-row seat to the world's oceans in all their glory, with some of the biggest waves, fearless surfers and eye-opening stories from the entire history of surfing. Director Jack McCoy's 25 film credits, including "Storm Riders," "Occy," and "Blue Horizons," have made him a star in the surf world. For more information about "A Deeper Shade of Blue," visit www.adeepershadeofblue.com.

Thank you to West Surfing Products, Kala Ukulele, California Surf Museum, TransWorld SURF, and the Rell Sunn Bronze Memorial.

Jack McCoy will appear in person on Friday, April 5th and Saturday, April 6th. Tickets for "A Deeper Shade of Blue" are $10 and will be available at the La Paloma Theater Box Office. You may call 760-436-SHOW for ticket info as well as visit the website at www.lapalomatheatre.com