‘A Deeper Shade Of Blue’ Premiere

Hawaii Premiere Of A Deeper Shade Of Blue; Jack McCoy's Newest at Opening Night of Maui Film Festival

Monday, June 6th, 2011 – Capistrano Beach, Ca – Jack McCoy, well known and respected filmmaker newest film has been selected to have its Hawaiian Premiere at the Opening Night of the Maui Film Festival. His latest feature, A Deeper Shade Of Blue, ventures into a new realm for this talented award winning artist. Also, McCoy has an exciting collaboration with the music of Sir Paul McCartney and his new song Blue Sway in a new music video that will premiere on Sunday, June 19th. The new album will be released mid June and Blue Sway has cinematic visuals of Jacks work to the former Beatles music and is a perfect blend of oceanic voyage and musical delight.

A Deeper Shade Of Blue is not a typical surf movie, it is a film about surfing's deepest roots first set in Hawaii. With respect to the ancient lore; in the craft of surfboard building; in man's perpetual quest for a joyful relationship with the ocean waves. With eleven interwoven chapters, today's leading surfers are linked to those who came before, for a deeper appreciation of what it means to be a surfer and the soulful underlying power of modern surf culture.

The Maui Film Festival is now its 15th year and considered to be in the top ten Film Festivals in the US. The outdoor Celestial Cinema will be the setting of McCoy's new film. Located at the Waileia Golf Course this natural outdoor ampatheater could be filled with 3,000 under the first full moon of the summer season. Opening night is Wednesday, June 15th a dusk under the stars with Hawaii born Jack McCoy in attendance. McCoy now resides in Australia, but his aloha spirit still remains strong and this will be a homecoming for him. A twilight reception at the Hotel Wailea starting at 5:30 pm and show time at 8 pm, where Jack will receive the Maui Film Festival Beacon Award. Ticket prices are $22 and maybe purchase on line at www.mauifilmfestival.com

Depicted in the film are the Hawaiian roots of this sport of Kings and takes us to moments with the Waikiki – California connection of surfer shapers; Rabbit Kekai, Joe Quigg, Gerry Lopez, Barry Kanaiapuni, Phil Edwards, Miki Dora, the Marshall Brothers, and David Nuuhiva. Crossing over to the talented young Pipeline phenomenon, Jamie O'Brien and on to the Australia crossing of the sport with George Greenough, Wayne Lynch, and Michael Peterson.

McCoy's awe inspiring visuals are brought even more to light with the revolutionary underwater mini sub tracking shots spotlighting Manoa Drollet on the modern short board in Tahiti's heaviest barrels. Kelly Slater, coincides with the rise of professional contests and leads to a super-session at Jeffries Bay with today's best pros. With respect to the ladies in the water the film shares how Hawaiian Princess Kaiulani and then Gidget kick surfing into high gear and inspire a cavalcade of women surfers, presented by current World Champ Stephanie Gilmore. Plus a great session with pro surfer Derek Hynd revisits the hot curl and Hawaiian finless surfing re-birth. Ending with innovation with the Hawaiian tradition of Aloha has been surfing's guiding creed since Duke Kahanamoku presented surfing to the world.

Jack McCoy's past film credits that have made him a star in the surf world are Storm Riders, The Occumentary, and Blue Horizon to name a few. This is a big picture of a memorable story, beautifully told. It is a film about feeling good to be alive…and it will make you feel good. www.adeepershadeofblue.com

For more information or to purchase tickets please visit www.mauifilmfestival.com