A Few Minutes With Mike Losness

You probably don’t know this, but Mike Losness is a photographer and a painter. He’s also extremely mellow and humble. What you do know is that he stylishly rips waves like he’s very angry with them. Mike Losness is a modern-day renaisssance guy who’s surfing just seems to get better and better. He recently switched his main sponsorship from Ezekiel to Mada so it’s an exciting time for the San Clemente native. Here’s a short interview courtesy of your good friends here at TransWorld SURF. —Checkstyles

TransWorld SURF: You recently made the switch from Ezekiel to Mada, what was the thinking behind that and are you stoked you did it?

Mike Losness: Yeah, I’m super stoked that I did it. I don’t really know what the thinking was behind it was, but it was pretty much that I rode for Ezekiel because I really liked Vinnie (De La Peña) and once Vinnie wasn’t at Ezekiel I wasn’t as stoked. So I wanted to still be with Vinnie and follow him wherever he went and Ezekiel was really cool and let me out of my contract so I got to go over there. Basically I wanted to keep doing what I was doing with Ezekiel, but I thought maybe if Vinnie wasn’t there it wasn’t gonna be the same so I left and wanted it to be the same as it was before.


How important is Vinnie to your career?

I never even really met Vinnie until about two years ago. Before that, I wouldn’t say he had any influence or anything because I just didn’t know him, but since I’ve met him and know him he’s a huge support. He pretty much never says, “You can’t do this, you have to do that. It’s more like, “I have total faith in you so go do what you do. Don’t worry about this or that, just keep doing what you’re doing. And that seems to make them happy. He’s a huge support for sure.

What’s your outlook for the future with your career?Right now I’m planning to do a lot of the contests this year. I really want to go on the ‘QS and kind of give it a shot. Last year I only did like half the contests and I just kind of did it to do it just to get a feel for it again. This year I want to take it a little more seriously and try a little harder than I did last year and see where that takes me competitively. Then shooting photos and video and stuff like that—that’s really where my heart is so I’m still gonna fit as much time in my schedule to be able to do that as possible because that’s what I really like doing.

You recently went on a TransWorldtrip with Dan Malloy and Shane Dorian to Morocco. How as it?

The trip was insane. I went there thinking that it was gonna be a little bit gnarlier as far as the people—I’d heard that there’s a lot of thieves there and how crazy it was. I went there thinking it was gonna be a little bit nuts—I was a little bit worried. But when we got there it was totally mellow and we stayed in a little village and nothing gnarly happened—it was like being in Mexico or something. Some gnarly thing could happen but it’s mellow if you know how to do it right—you know what I mean? As far as the waves and surfing and getting to hang out with Dan and Shane—it was so rad. The waves were perfect. Every wave we surfed was like another wave. It would be like J-Bay, but better. Or it would be like Supertubes in West Oz, but a better version. There was seriously, like ten different waves—we probably surfed like four or five of them. Every wave had a resemblance of another wave that you had surfed somewhere in the world, but it was a better one—it was so good. All rights.


Is it like a hidden secret nobody really realized up until now?

I think so. I think a lot more people are gonna start going there. It’s not a hidden secret in Europe, but definitely over here. I had no clue that the waves were that good—none of us had a clue.

What was the raddest thing you saw?

I don’t know. There’s so much. Maybe going into Marakesh and seeing the Cobra charmers. IIt’s pretty cool—I was tripping out. It was pretty sick.

So you’re off to West Oz next. How hectic is your schedule going into this summer?

It’s pretty hectic. I’m kind of gonna back off of a couple trips towards the end of April and May. Then it gets really hectic. The Maldives, then I’m gonna go to Bali, and then South Africa, and then come home and do the U.S. Open, then go to Japan, Europe—the schedule just keeps going on and on. I’m sure in between all those contest things there’s other things that’ll come up that I’ll end up going on. The way there, the way home or something—you know.

Do you ever get tired?

Yeah, but it depends on the trip. This last trip I didn’t get tired. I didn’t want to come home. I got home here and I was bummed I wasn’t there. And then there’s other trips that you come home and you’re like, “I’m so stoked to be home—I didn’t have that much fun. If it all goes right and you keep getting put on great trips like the Morocco trip then it’s always gonna be tiring, but never too tiring—it’s always fun.