A Fullsuit In The Summer?

Here's just one of my many surfing-based pet peeves…

The Guy Who Wears A Fullsuit When The Water Is Warm

I saw you at lunch today bozo. You were waddling down to South Jetty wearing a fullsuit and booties even though the water is at least 68 degrees. I have questions for you: Do you like to sweat while surfing? What are you going to wear when the water actually gets cold? A dry suit? Are you afraid of water? Do you think something bad will happen if you get a chill? You annoy me. The worst offender I ever saw of this was on the Gold Coast of Australia where I saw a Japanese couple wearing steamers (fullsuits in Australianese)…the water was in the low 80s and the tropical air was a stifling 85 degrees. Amazing…

These guys need a fullsuit and booties…you don’t.

Other surfing–based pet peeves: The over-accessorized guy, the talks-too-much-in-the-lineup guy, the guy who wears a leash at a beachbreak when it's one foot, the guy who can only do airs and can't turn to save his life, guys who hang in the parking lot complaining about how uncrowded it used to be, the entire retro longboard movement complete with Newport Beach guys wearing tight pants (probably the lamest thing ever in my book), and finally Casey Koteen who routinely comes into my office for the sole purpose of dropping a nasty ass, burrito fueled fart.

These are my peeves, what are yours?