A glimpse into Kelly Slater’s diet secrets

It’s no secret that 11-time world champ Kelly Slater has some kind of secret. How else could a 40-year-old stay in his peak physical shape for 20 years and continue to dominate the ongoing onslaught of surfers who he is old enough to have fathered?

Well, this little clip courtesy of the Vans World Cup at Sunset on Oahu’s North Shore should give you a glimpse at what that vault of secrets holds.

Each day during the competition, sports commentator Todd Kline would ask one of the competitors what they ate in the morning. While most answers didn’t sound out of the ordinary–Travis Logie, we learned, enjoys a bowl of cereal and milk with a splash of hot chocolate–Kelly went into meticulous detail about what and when he eats, and why he puts it into his body. Kelly has always been as studious as anyone in surfing, and it’s obvious that he has been putting a lot of research into maintaining his fitness lately. Your results, however, may vary.