A Gorilla Under Flea’s Feet

Darryl “Flea” Virostko has just inked a multi-year deal with Gorilla Grip, the Australian-founded traction pad company now based in San Diego.

“Flea is one of the most dynamic surfers in the sport,” says Tyler Callaway, president of Surf Hardware International, USA, which distributes the tail pads. “We’re stoked to have him testing and representing the Gorilla Grip brand.”

Aside from busting a big airs at the Lane, Virostko has dominated the Quiksilver Mavericks Men Who Ride Mountains big-wave event two years running. Also on Virostko’s plate of accomplishments include two Surfing magazine Airshow Series event wins and an appearance on a nationally televised Nissan commercial.

The Gorilla Grip team includes Zane Harrison, Takayuki Wakita, Richie Lovett, Samba Mann, Shaun Cansdell, and Fred Pattachia, Jr.

For more information, check out www.gorillagrip.com.au