A Messsage From The Friends Of Panaitan Island

A Messsage From The

There have been many recent rumors that the Panaitan Camp is again changing form, ownership, management, etc.

Certain NGO’s have also been made aware of many unsubstantiated things and have asked the FOPI family to help substantiate things that may indeed be true. We really need everyone’s help here to come up with the facts, not fiction, of what the next year may hold in the Ujung Kulon National Park.

Some of the things that have been floating around are listed below, but not limited only to these things. Again, please note that the following are “as of yet” unsubstantiated:

New investors are now backing the project

New expatriate management is put in place

Exclusivity will be enforced in 2006

A pier/jetty is to be built

A helicopter landing pad is to be cut into the jungle next

New transport boats and plans have been put in place

A much more expensive package is now being offered with more on offer

Please forward anything, such as marketing material, advertising, emails, etc. that you feel are pertinent to the up-coming season to savepanaitan@yahoo.com . This can be done confidentially, and anything that is then submitted by FOPI to officials will be submitted as FOPI’s material and not from it’s original source.

Thanks for all the support & let’s look forward to keeping Indonesia’s World Heritage National Parks open to the public in which it’s been designated for.

Best Regards,

Friends of Panaitan Island