A New Jersey Minute With Cory Arrambide

Cory Arrambide

Last year coming off a strong season with a 4th overall on the Juniors. So you’re looking to improve on that, right?

I’m stoked on that for sure. Yeah, I was kind of bummed though. I was in the lead pretty much the whole year until the last contest and lost first heat last contest. It was a shocker. That kind of bummed me out, so I’m looking to improve on that for sure.

Yeah, well you definitely kicked it off well with the win at the first event at Sebastian. How’d that feel?

I was so stoked to start off the year like that. Feels so good to win a Jr. Pro, and to do it in the first contest of the year was great.

How exactly does the seeding work in the Jrs. A lot of people I think may not know how it works.

Well you kind of gotta give it a year of doing all the Jr. Pro’s. Then by the end of the year, if you’ve done well, for the next year you get a better seeding in the Round of 48 or Round of 32.

Do you do any training in the off-season?

Yeah. I had a knee injury and then had surgery on my knee. Then after that I got a personal trainer, and I’ve been training ever since. So the last couple of years I’ve been training everyday.

Do you train with anybody specific or just you and your trainer?

Sean Hayes did it a little bit. Nathaniel Curran was doing it with the same trainer. Adam Virs did it for a little bit. So yeah it was a good group of guys who were doing it for a while.

What do you think of frontside 360 airs?

They’re fun, everyone’s doing them on every wave now. It’s kind of a thing of, not the past, but whatever.

What’s your favorite wave on the California coast?

Rincon. It’s right at my homebreak and I know everyone out there. It’s one of the most rippable waves that I’ve ever surfed really. So fun. You can do like twenty turns before the beach.

If you could have any superpower in the world what would it be and why?

Probably to fly. That’d be so sick. Go anywhere.

What’s one wave in the world that you’ve never surfed that you really want to?

Probably Chopes. I really want to go over there and surf it for sure. Get practice there, it’d be super fun frontside.

What job do you think you’d be doing if you didn’t surf?

I’d probably just be a carpenter. That’s what my brother and all his friends do. Definitely if I didn’t surf I’d be a carpenter.

They still get to surf a lot too.

Yeah, they do carpentry all along the beach in Ventura. They just watch the surf then go rip it.

I’m from New Jersey, so have you ever surfed in NJ?

I have. Jr. Pro I think..

Oh yeah, the Belmar Jr. Pro? What’d you think?

It was pretty bad. Pretty flat last year. I surfed this one little nook one night, fun little windswell in between two little piers.

By Ryan Brower