A New Jersey Minute With Nathan Carroll

NathanHawaiian charger and WQS warrior Nathan Carroll dropped by the Transworld office recently and we sat him down for A New Jersey Minute. He brought us up to date on going balls out, suiting up in Scotland, and his crazy culinary skills. This is Nathan Carroll's New Jersey Minute…

Jerz: What brings you out to California all the way from Sunset Beach?
Nate: I came out to have surgery on my arm. I broke it skateboarding, I was doing a backside method over a six foot island, landed on the front truck with a little too much weight on it and went down.

Damn, at least you were going balls out and not just doing something small.
Yeah, at least I wasn’t skating down a hill and hit a rock or something.

When did you do that?
Back in May. I come over to California every summer, rent a place and stuff, and it was the day before I was supposed to leave. I had just finished doing a contest and it was my last little skate sesh before I flew over. So I ended up breaking it and had to go to the emergency room. Then I headed home for a bit and had to fly back over here to have surgery on it. Pretty intense.

How long are you going to be out of the water for?
I’ll be out till about July 1st. Not too long, but long enough.

Do you have any plans for posting up until then?
I’m just trying to get in the best shape of my life. I can ride the bike and do the stairmaster at the gym. So I’ve been doing that pretty much every day, watching a lot of TV, and keeping up on the Lakers finals right now.

Are you a Lakers fan?

Don’t tell Checky (Photo Editor Aaron Checkwood), he’s a Laker hater.
Uh oh. Yeah, I could’ve worn my shirt in, then it would’ve gone down.

How was the winter on the North Shore this year?
It was sick. The beginning of the winter was slow, we didn’t get many very good days. But January and February turned on. February always turns on. It was the best winter I can remember in the last five years, hands down. Pretty much everywhere was light offshores all day, and just stand-up pits everywhere.

What were you up to before you hurt your arm? Any traveling?
Before I hurt my arm I’d gone to Australia for two weeks and did a couple contests there. Then I went to South Africa and Scotland, and did events there. Then I went home and got back on the training program. I surfed town a lot and worked as a surf coach and got ready to come to California for the summer.

You were in Scotland for the Highland Open? How was that?
That place is so cold. Every time you go out there you try to mentally prepare. You pysch yourself up, like, ‘Alright, I’ve got this. I can do this. I can surf in the booties, hood, gloves, and everything.’ And you get there and the first surf is always a shock, especially being from Hawaii, going from warm water to 40-degree water isn’t too much fun.

It’s always funny seeing guys who’ve never had to deal with putting on all that neoprene surf in a 6/5/4. It must be a completely different world for you.
Definitely. It’s good now because all the wetsuits are so advanced, so it’s not too bad.

How was the surf over there?
It was sick. If there’s swell, that place is one of my favorite places actually, just because it’s a lot like V-Land back at home in Hawaii. The wave is so long; you drop in, hit it, and can get a couple turns. The only thing that’s gnarly about there though is it has really extreme winds, because it’s so far north and you’ve got all that Artic current. So you’ll go surfing and the winds will be calm, and the next thing you know the wind will be about 60 miles per hour side-offshore. And you try and drop in with all that neoprene on, it’s a bit of a challenge to do turns and stuff, but it’s all good fun.

What are your plans for after the arm is all healed up?
Well I’m going to the doctor on Monday, so hopefully I can start doing rehab full-time on it and get back in the water soon. Then I’m just going to be training. I’ve got a trainer out here that I’m going to be working with over the next couple of months trying to get in really good shape. I’m going to surf the U.S. Openn, then go to Japan and try and do a couple photo trips after that. It’d be nice to have a couple fun trips. Summertime is always a fun time to take off and go on a trip and hang out for a while.

I saw you checking out our wall of shame in there. You mentioned Fox has their own wall of shame?
Yeah, it’s pretty funny. Since I’ve been out for a while I’ve gone by and visited all my sponsors. All the sales people at Fox have a full wall of shame. All the drunken nights that everyone’s been out, or an office party they had, or someone did this and started messing around in photoshop. Just really funny, messed up stuff. So it’s pretty cool to see the office vibes going around. Everywhere you go everyone’s got their own little deal going on.

What’s one thing a lot of people might not know about you?
That’s a pretty tough one. You do so many interviews as a surfer so everyone kind of knows a lot about you. I guess one thing is that I love to cook. I’m a big chef. I make all kinds of gourmet foods. Friends and family will have barbeques and I’ll sauté some things. One of my best friends went to culinary school, so he passed on some good recipes for me. And spending summers in France for the last three months you get sick of eating all that French food, so you start buying stuff and mixing a little of this and a little of that.

Any specialty dishes you like making?
I think one of my best dishes is this secret recipe for barbeque chicken. I make some of that with some mashed potatoes and salads. Though the Lakers are down 3-1, Nathan is still a fan. Not as big of a fan though as he's throwing in this one.

By Ryan “Dirty Jerz” Brower