A Quick Conversation With Bruce Irons

Bruce Irons Joins The WCTIt’s official. Recently turned twenty four year old Kauai resident, Bruce Irons, has mathematically qualified for the World Championship Tour. He will be joining his older brother and current World Champion Andy, along with Kelly Slater, Taj Burrow, Mick Fanning, Joel Parkinson and recent WCT returnee, Shane Beschen.


I caught up with Bruce at the Volcom team house located on the beach at Pipeline, two days after a riotous birthday celebration, featuring punk legends TSOL, an eighty-pound Ahi, and tons of giant coolers overflowing with beer. In the half hour I was there, a twenty-something babe came in asking if anyone had seen her shirt, while another was out on the street, hitch-hiking back to Kailua—all of this two days after the party. Don’t let Bruce fool you, It was a f—king rager.

TransWorld Surf: Congratulations on making the tour and your birthday. How was the party?

Bruce: Well, it went from the middle of the day until late—but not that late. It was more of an all day Barbecue thing. TSOL played. Good people, good times.

How does it feel to make the WCT?

It feels good. Fuck, finally, you know? I’m stoked to have made it. I got my act together and did it.

How long did you spend on the WQS?

Five years. But for the first four years I was more just partying and having fun, and I didn’t ever really think I’d make it to the tour. That got old after a while, though. I saw my brother win a world title, and I was like “Fuck, what am I doing? I’d better get my act together.


Do you have any expectations or predictions for next year?

I just can’t wait to surf all of those waves with all of those great surfers. I think it will improve my surfing a lot. Getting barreled, surfing those good waves—I’m stoked.

Who are you going to be traveling with?

Probably my chick.

What specific venues are you looking forward to?

Snapper Rocks, Tahiti, Fiji, J-Bay … actually all of it.

So are you going to make any “kick some top 16 ass statements like Sunny?

I just hope to make the top 16 the first year—that’s my goal.

I’ve lost to my brother in a heat before—it really sucks.


Do you approach a heat with your brother differently than other people?

I try extra hard to beat him. I definitely go more all out than usual.

Congratulations, and good luck next year.