A Quickie With Mick Lowe

Mick Lowe is a good bloke—very likable and very Australian to the bone. He loves beer and Aussie sports. By looking at him, you’d think he’s not the prototype of your usual professional surfer, but the funny thing is, he rips. Last year, he enjoyed his best competitive season by making a run at the world title and finishing sixth overall. He recently finished third in the 2003 Quiksilver Pro at Fiji and won the damn thing last year. Mick’s an amazing, powerful surfer who excels in good waves. This interview is the third in a line done while going down the New South Wales coast with the Reef team. Enjoy.

TransWorld SURF: Hi, Mr. Mick. You’re with your wife, Amanda, and you’re on the road together a lot. What’s it like traveling with your wife all the time?

Mick Lowe: It’s really good. She makes me appreciate other stuff that I normally wouldn’t. Not so much “appreciate, but probably make me do stuff that I later really enjoy. Most of the time I just stay to the ocean and surf, but with Amanda, if we got a few days off, we go to cool places and see some historic stuff. It’s pretty cool.

TransWorld SURF: You told me you’re on a cricket team. How important are extracurricular activities outside of surfing?


Mick Lowe: I think it’s pretty important just to relax. Over the summer, playing cricket is fun. It’s good to be part of a team and feel what it’s like to be on a winning team. Although it doesn’t win very often, but every now and then it does. It’s really cool. I enjoy fishing as well.

TransWorld SURF: You’ve been really close over the last couple years in the title race. Is it frustrating to come so close and just go, “Okay. Maybe next year?

Mick Lowe: Yes and no. Last year I got up to second for a while, but had a pretty rough Hawai’ian season. And Andy pretty much nabbed the title last season. I’d like to have finished in the top five at least. I finished sixth. A couple years before that I was runner-up. When I get there, I can’t grasp it. I’m hoping wisdom or age will help. I’d like to keep focused all year. That’s gonna be the hardest part: to get to a level and not be happy where you’re at, but only be happy with the next level.

TransWorld SURF: You’ve been on Billabong for thirteen years and you just switched to Surf Cult. How big of a decision was that for you?


Mick Lowe: Well, it’s of course a message. The message is probably one of the biggest decisions I’ve had to make in my surfing career. Ever since I was twelve, all I’ve worn is Billabong. So to swap to another label was pretty messy, but Doug, who runs Cult, used to be part of Billabong so it’s really not too huge of a change. And I’m familiar with all the people at Cult. I’ve known a lot of them over the past twelve years, so it’s been a great change, and I’m very excited.

TransWorld SURF: What’s been the biggest highlight of your career so far?

Mick Lowe: Making the final at Pipe, that was probably a good one. But then again, winning Fiji last year, working up on the way to the final. That was, as far as surfing goes, the big highlight. That was pretty sick. Especially because the waves were pumping six to ten foot the whole week.

TransWorld SURF: Who is your favorite surfer?

Mick Lowe: Occy. Being sponsored by Billabong that whole time gave me the opportunity to do trips with him and to really watch the guy surf. I think he’s the best surfer to ever walk the planet.