A Sneak Peek At Taylor Steele’s Innersection

25 completely re-edited, re-filmed, re-discovered sections
Premiering Worldwide Nov. 26, 2010
GoPro Presents A Taylor Steele Movie Innersection

Surfers: Matt Meola, Joel Parkinson, Josh Kerr, Nat Young, Gabe Villaran, Dylan Graves, Ozzy Wrong, Cory Lopez, Pete Devries, Mikala Jones, Alex Gray, Marco Giorgi, Marlon Gerber, Pat Guduaskas, Brent Dorrington, Flynn Novak, John Florence, Mike Losness, Luke Cederman, Ry Craike, Clay Marzo, Kelly Slater

Directors: Jerry Ricciotti, Logan, Matthew Bokor, Jeremy Koreski, Niko Solikkieli, Graham Nash, Loic Wirth, Reagan Ritchie, Lachlan McKinnon, Nicolas Dazat, Matt Gahan, Adam Klevin, Jamie Tierney, Ryan Moss, Scott Smith

Produced by Taylor Steele & Nathan Myers art direction Chato motion graphics Jeff Motyll distributed by WAX, VAS oz & Manueverline Japan executive produced by Nathan Myers & Taylor Steele

We’re writing you from deep in the edit cave now. Midnight oil. Hammer and a blowtorch. We’re getting medieval on this thing. Found our intro music at 4 a.m. last night and started dancing. You should see these all-new sections. Several guys surprised with 100% new footage. Everyone else raised the bar with new waves, new music, new themes and the dream of $100,000.

It’s gonna be good.

The transition from section to section, one after another…it’s a wild ride. Pure fun. Just shows the variety of ways we all approach waves.

Wanna be the first to see it?

We’re doing 30 premiers all on the same night, so no one has to read about it on the blogs first.

Miami, FL
Ft. Lauderdale, FL
Jupiter, FL
Indian Rocks, FL (Hosted by COREY LOPEZ)
St. Augustine, FL
Sarasota, FL
Charleston, SC
Wrightsville Beach, NC
Virginia Beach, VA
Ocean City, MD
New York City, NY
Allenhurst, NJ
Newport, RI
Hampton Beach, NH
Ogunquit, ME

San Clemente, CA (Hosted by PAT GUDAUSKAS)
Encinitas, CA (Hosted by MIKE LOSNESS)
Hermosa Beach, CA (Hosted by ALEX GRAY)
San Luis Obispo, CA (Hosted by NATE TYLER)
Santa Cruz, CA (Hosted by NAT YOUNG)
San Francisco, CA
Arcata, CA
Maui Arts and Cultural Center, HI (Hosted by MATT MEOLAS & CLAY MARZO)

Corpus Christi, TX

Puerto Rico (Hosted by DYLAN GRAVES)

Tofino, BC (Hosted by PETE DEVRIES)

ALL US PREMIERS are November 26th, 2010. (Australia, Europe & Japan to follow in early December.)

DVD on sale same day.

Vote codes included with every DVD…help decide who wins the $100,000 “Hero Section” grand prize.

So pumped. And that’s not just the Clif bar harbal matte shots talking.--NM