Aaron Chang Shows Shots From The Cortes Bank

If Surfing magazine’s June 2001 cover shot of Mike Parsons’ 60,000-dollar bomb at Cortes Bank didn’t make you soil your shorts, seeing it life-size might make you reconsider switching to Depends.

[IMAGE 1]Last night (April 11) Aaron Chang gave onlookers a first-hand perspective of the historical Cortes Bank expedition in a slide show at RT’s Longboard Grill in Pacific Beach, California. The slide show chronicled the entire January 19 mission — from hoisting the 800-pound WaveRunners on board the Pacific Quest, to Brad Gerlach’s maiden roll-in on the 25-foot beasts, to Snips’ 60-foot monster captured from multiple angles.

Some have said Snips’ cover shot looked static — almost eerily easy — but seeing it blown up to fifteen feet sheds an entirely new light on the wave: that thing was f–king huge. The wave didn’t fit in some of the frames in the sequence and the drop went on and on and on.

There have been rumors circulating over who really snapped Parsons’ XXL-winning wave and who really deserved the 10,000-dollar prize: Chang or his assistant, Brendan Hayes. Neither were there last night to quell the myth that it was actually Hayes who shot the winning frame, but regardless it was an amazing photograph.

[IMAGE 2]Aaron Chang Team Manager Ryan Bracker was there handing out T-shirts and hats, and also doubled as the emcee and the man at the controls of the slide projectors. Teamriders Sean Fowler and Keil Miller were also there supporting their sponsor and keeping the all girls entertained. National Sales Manager Bob Tanner was back East showing the brand’s Fall 2001 line at the B-rad Back-to-School show in Maryland.