Aaron Cormican Wins Seven Tiki Pro


2010 SEVEN TIKI PRO RESULTS!! It was literally ankle high at dawn. Around noon, the wind switched and within one hour we had solid thigh to waist+ surf for the event! Top pro surfers from around the globe battled it out to take home their portion of the $10,000 cash purse. In the end it was a 50/50 Jacksonville final. In the end, 2009 defending champ Aaron Cormican from New Smyrna Beach took home 1st place again. Head to seventikipro.com for more info.

Here's the official 2010 SEVEN TIKI PRO results.
1st: Aaron Cormican ($4,000)
2nd: Alek Parker ($2,000)
3rd: Asher Nolan ($1,000)
4th: Cody Thompson ($800)