Abberton Bros At Odds Over Money

What brothers don't fight over money? That said, Chris and I don't have any money so we don't have to deal with that. Apparently the Abberton (Sunny, Koby, Jai, and Dakota) bros do, though. How's the part below where Jai Abberton removed his brother Sunny's name with a lighter and a knife? C’mon boys, blood is thicker than water!

Koby Abberton Bra Boys

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With "My Brother’s Keeper" on their backs, then inked film, fashion and book deals on the myth of their urban solidarity.

But a clash over money between Bra Boy brothers Jai and Sunny Abberton has reportedly splintered the notorious family and exposed the Sydney beach gang’s greatest boast.

In a new book about the Maroubra brothers, Jai Abberton claims to have used “a lighter and a knife” to remove a tattoo of Sunny’s name from his arm, after accusing his older brother of cashing in on Jai’s 2003 killing of standover man Tony Hines.

In response, Jai has been cut out of promotional photos for the new Harper Collins biography, with Sunny only posing with his surfer brother Koby and their youngest sibling Dakota.

The Daily Telegraph understands Jai has not spoken to his older brother for three months, in a fight over film profits and his ongoing trouble with police.

Koby claims a 2005 Christmas lunch at Bondi’s Swiss Grand hotel turned ugly when the brawling brothers went for each other.

“Jai and Sunny jumped the table and were wrestling, food’s going everywhere,” Koby wrote. “They hadn’t even had a beer.”