Accident Insurance For Beginners?

Just what we need, bring insurance companies and lawyers into the lineup! My message to Mr. Aitkin: Keep your head on a swivel and maybe you won't get drilled by some kooks board. That or surf somewhere beginners don't frequent.

Noosa Heads

Another one bites the dust at Noosa Head in Australia.

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The debate over surf rage gathered speed this week with one veteran surfer demanding novice riders take out insurance against the injuries they could cause to other surfers.

Noosa surfer Bob Aitkin faced hefty medical bills after after a collision with a learner surfer on a hire board, but had no way of identifying the rider.

“Let's face it, if somebody is on a hire board, it probably means they are a learner,'' Mr Aitken told The Noosa Journal.

“And that means they haven't as much control of their board as an experienced surfer and accidents can easily happen.

“I think all hire boards should carry large identification stickers so it's easy to see where they were hired from should there be an incident.

“And maybe people hiring boards should pay a couple of dollars extra for some sort of insurance – just like you do when you hire a car.''

Two of Mr Aitkin's arteries were severed when a surfboard, lost by a learner, bounced off the seabed and bounced back into the side of his head.