Active Rideshop

Active Rideshop
San Dimas

One of the most recognizable surf-skate-snow retailers in the Inland Empire, the desert area east of Los Angeles, is Active Rideshop. Standing six stores strong — matched with a booming mailorder business — Active continues to grow and attract more customers to its stores daily.

Active’s half-dozen shops are peppered throughout Southern California, from its Escondido shop in the south, to its Rancho Cucamonga location in the east. The common denominator? Each store serves the growing inland surf-skate-snow market. [IMAGE 1]

Although the shop’s are miles inland, there is still a strong presence from coastal, surf-oriented brands. Planet Earth, Stüssy, and Volcom each have major displays in Active’s San Dimas location. At this new, 6,000-square-foot shop, Volcom is the strongest brand. But that’s not necessarily the case at other Active shops.

“Each store is run like a single shop,” Active’s Shane Wallace told TransWorld SKATEboarding Business. “Each store has its own group of kids it sponsors, and each shop has its own identity, where some brands do better in certain shops and some do better in another.” Wallace oversees the entire Active operation.
Besides Volcom, another hot department Active’s San Dimas location also been its footwear section. Of course, that wouldn’t surprise anyone who’s ever set foot in the recently opened shop. The shoes are superbly displayed by brand on a fully branded back-lit wall. Above each group of shoes is a three-foot-sqaure translite logo that identifies each company.

According to Manager Brian Knoop, sales of Osiris’ D3 and Globe’s Chet Thomas and Rodney Mullen signature shoes, in particular, have been strong.

As if Active’s six brick-and-mortar stores were not enough to keep Wallace and his 200 employees busy, in 1999 Active launched its mail-order component. In just two years, Active’s catalog and Web site ( programs have grown to make up 30 percent of the company’s business.
“If everybody holds price when selling product online, it’s healthy for kids to at least go look at product and see what’s out there,” says Wallace.

Window Brands: Lakai, Stüssy, Volcom, Thirty-Two, éS, Emerica
Major Display Brands: Volcom, Planet Earth, Stüssy, Fourstar
Strongest Categories: Snowboards, footwear
Weakest Category: n/a
Strongest Brands: Volcom
Best Reps: n/a