Actual Good Books To Read

The Death And Life of Bobby Z

By Don Winslow

In the past we reviewed some books that were totally pointless. This book on the other hand is amazing and packed full of action. It’s basically about a named Tim who kills a Hell’s Angel in jail, and instead of letting the other incarcerated Hell’s Angels rip him apart, the government steps in and makes Tim an offer to impersonate a drug lord named Bobby Z. The government trades the fake Bobby Z to a drug czar in return for a kidnapped agent. The deal goes crazy and what happens next is a full on war, Tim against the drug czar’s army, Hells Angels, cops, gangsters, and just about everybody else. Mix in some sex and violence, and you’ve got a great book. If you have a trip planned, or just want to read something thouroughly entertaining, check this book out. If you liked the movie, The Usual Suspects, you’ll love The Death and Life of Bobby Z.¿C.C.