Adam Robertson And Nic Muscroft Ripping Winkipop

Adam Robbo & Nic Muscroft Surfing Winkipop

I ran into Adam “Robbo” Robertson a couple weeks ago at the US Open and kinda fanned out on the guy; “Dude, you were surfing sooo good at Bells, I was totally pulling for you!” I gushed to the 2009 Rip Curl Pro Bells Beach Runner Up. While I may have been inebriated at the time, I’m still a huge fan of Robbo—not only because he surfs so well—but also because he’s super down to Earth and a genuinely friendly person. Anyway, this is a rad clip of Robbo and fellow Victorian and World Tour surfer Nic Muscroft at Winkipop—the wave one cove away from Bells Beach.

Filmed and edited by Glen Hurst email more videos