Allyance Back To School Giveaway Winner Announced…

We have a winner: For his horribly embarrassing story, Sergio will be roping in some of Allyance’s freshest back to school gear. But don’t take our word for it, here’s his story in his own words:

I was in first grade, my teacher didn't let me go to the bathroom because we were in religion class (I was attending a catholic private school)…so, I poop my pants in class, she (the teacher)called the janitor and he took me the showers and sprayed my legs and ass with a hose, then the school lend me some clothes that were going for charity and I had to return them washed next week. Needless to say that I was afraid of farting in public until I was like 20 years old hehe.

The good bros at Allyance have teamed up with Transworld SURF for the “Allyance Back To School” Giveaway! To win a box of awesome new gear from Allyance—making you the coolest looking kid at school—all you have to do is in the comment section below tell us in 100 words or less your most embarrassing back to school moment.

example: “On my first day back to school in 7th grade I stepped in dog poo and tracked it onto the bus coming home. Needless to say, I wasn’t the most poplar kid on the smelly ride home…”

If you haven’t already registered with TWSURF, you must register for it to count. Register Here. Good luck, the winner will be announced Sept 15 right here at!