Almost 50 years later, surf film ‘The Endless Summer’ location trashed

The Endless Summer is the quintessential surf movie.

It’s simple message -- “On any day of the year it is summer somewhere in the world…” -- helped convey the beauty of surf culture to those across the globe. And the joyous nature of the film still resonates almost 50 years after it was released.

Recently, a filmmaker and GrindTV contributor Jamie Tierney decided to revisit the village of Labadi in Ghana, where one of the most enduring scenes from The Endless Summer was shot, to see if the love of surfing that Mark Hynson and Robert August tried to instill six decades ago is still alive.

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What he encountered was both uplifting, unfortunate and helped to highlight not only the strength of surfing globally, but the realities of life in a country that is still developing.

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