Amazing Moments 4-2

TransWorld SURFFile: Amazing MomentsVolume 4, Number 2

Amazing Moments In Surf Photography

Wardo Keeps Spare Board In Back Pocket

Chris Ward is known for his intense and mind-blowing surfing in waves from two to ten feet. He’s also known for breaking boards. His problem was alleviated at The Box in West Oz this year by simply keeping a spare six-three in the back pocket of his wetsuit. This specially designed surfboard pocket can hold boards up to ten feet. Wardo has also been spotted busting giant airs and then switching boards midair. Fantastic!

Aussie Pro Passes Out Mid-Slash

While surfing a local break, Maz Quinn passed out during one of his heavy slashes. A unidentified witness was quoted saying, “Fark, mate. He just farkin’ ripped it off the top, then his eyes bloody rolled into the back of his farkin’ head, mate! It was bloody sick, mate.” Maz blacked out for about two seconds, which gave him just enough time to pull himself together, stand up out of the layback position, and complete the turn.Photographer Jack English was in shock and simply said, “Filth, mate.”

Shibi Slides His Way Into Fun

Young ripper extraordinaire Jason Shibata gave the proverbial finger to amping surf photographers by playfully sliding down the face of every wave he caught on his butt. About this unusual afternoon session, one photographer said, “Jason’s usually the guy out there doing huge airs and giant slashes, but today he was just laughing and sliding down waves on his ass. All of us photographers are pissed because we’ve got to eat, too, you know? He’s out there acting like this is all for fun or something. Doesn’t he know that this is how we feed our children?” Jason couldn’t be reached for comment, but word on the street has it that after this shot was taken, he strolled onto the beach and built sand castles with Jon-Jon Florence for the rest of the day.