Amazing Moments – 4.5

Amazing Moments

World Champ Invents New Move!
2002 World Champion CJ Hobgood set his sights on an awesome new move called “Living On A Prayer.” CJ performs this move by hauling ass down the line, blasting an air, grabbing his board between his hands like he’s praying, then throwing the board back under his feet. It’s a new move from the “Superman” family of air tricks.

Flying Spider Monkey Attacks Rizal!
An amazing moment was caught on film when Rizal Tanjung was minding his own business, throwing some heat out at Bingin, when out of the sky a flying spider monkey grabbed his board. “It was crazy. A f-king flying spider monkey just grabbed my board,” said a shocked Rizal. The flying spider monkey was just out of frame of the photo, and when asked what it looked like, Rizal was quoted as saying, “F-king ugly, man.”

Angry Wave Knocks Bro’s Head Off!
In a shocking turn of events, pro surfer Zach Hartley had his head knocked off in a failed tube attempt. As Zach pulled up under the curl, the lip lipped him, and his head popped right off his neck Applying quick thinking and medical know-how, Zach used his hands to feel through the water and find his detached head. It was a lucky turn of events-within hours doctors had sewed his head back on, and all was well. Close call!