Amazing Moments – 4.8

Amazing Moments

The Curtain Drops On C.J. HobgoodC.J. Hobgood’s gotten so used to standing in fat Teahupo’o shacks that he’s decided to try a whole new act-Broadway show tunes in the tube. Normally, C.J. straps a microphone to his neck, paddles into waves, and performs famous numbers from Oklahoma, West Side Story, and Hello, Dolly! This day, however, C.J. forgot a few of his lines and finished the song a little too late. So late, he forgot about the curtain drop and paid the price.

Surfer Mistakes Photographer For SharkNorth Carolina’s Jesse Hines was surfing by himself one day at his home break-a place appropriately called Teef Reef. Thinking he was alone, he didn’t see photographer D.J. Struntz paddle out to get a couple shots of him. “I don’t know, man,” Jesse recalls. “I seen this fisheye out of the corner of my eye. His waterhousing looked like a big shark staring at me-I just shot my board at it.” Luckily, the photographer and his equipment made it out okay, “Maybe I shouldn’t wear a gray wetsuit anymore,” said Struntz.

Timmy Reyes Plays Baseball At The BoxNot many people know this, but Timmy Reyes plays for a Huntington Beach minor-league baseball team named the Pit Bulls. Missing his beloved sport, Timmy was shooting photos at The Box in Western Australia when he saw the amount of photographers and surfers and said, “Hey guys, who wants to play ball-photographers against surfers.” Moments before this photo, Timmy whacked a Brian Bielmann fastball all the way across the bay. While rounding third, he saw Tim Jones (the photographer pictured) waiting for the relay from Jason Reposar and went for a full-on Rickey Henderson headfirst slide. Timmy ended up safe, and the surfers went on to win 2-0, thanks to a shutout performance by pitcher Anthony Petruso.