Amazing Moments In Surf History

1.Making Faces And Making MoneyFacial expressions are a very important part of modern surf photography. You have many young surfers who like to throw the old “angry face” that shows their aggressive side. Some other young surfers like to do the happy-faced smile thing when doing rad tricks¿this shows they’re happy and are enjoying surfing. In this photo of T-Grom, he’s taking facial scenes to a new plateau with his pouty “I-need-a-nap” frontside slash. T-Grom’s facial expression is telling the audience that he’s out there just relaxing, and this slash is nothing to him.

2. The Torso-Torque Ultra-Layback Beyond-Invert Air-ShredSurf moves these days are getting so advanced that it’s sometimes hard to keep up. In this issue’s installment of Amazing Moment In Surf History, you, the viewer, are getting a sneak-peek into the unknown world of aggressive full-body layback surfing. This new style means that when you go into a turn or an air, it’s totally cool to just dive into the water and cuss at the fishes¿all while your legs are attached and in total control of the board. In the words of the kids on the beach watching this spectacle, “Dude, that was f¿king so sick!” Kids cuss a lot these days.

3. The Ol’ Ride On Your Bros Butt TrickAs the sun rose on the morning of the contest, two men stood tall and erect like twin Eiffel Towers. These two young stallions were to do battle in a heated exchange of guts and glory. The bell rang and the men sauntered into the brimy deep. The paddled in synch to the outside of the raging lineup. Not a word was spoken and their glances did not cross paths until a bulging set sprang up from the blue abyss. The men stroked their rockets toward the beach in a passion-filled trance. At about the same time, they stood up and started gyrating toward each other. In a flash of pink and yellow, one man ended up on top of the other one, an interference was called, and the men went their separate ways. But for that instant, surfing was a dance between men¿not boys.