Ambiguous clothing surf team update: word

MATT ROCKHOLD just got back from Indo- rumor has it he was getting all jiggy withsome ski’s and flying monkeys.

JESSE EVANS recently got back from Peurto Vallarta and has been seen doing somecritical shredding giving team OC second thoughts of not putting him on their teamfor THE GAME.

RYAN SAKAL (your fav. local shaper) has been filming for his part in the longawaited Ambig. promo vid. .. .. .

RUSSEL SMITH took a break from the cold waters of Mavericks to go on a trip toNicaraga with big brother tyler.

JASON FREDERICO is in town from Hawaii to pick up a new G-ride and to catch the premiere of the Dogg Town movie. He’ll also will be throwing shakas up and downthe coast.

thanks for all the love,
Jeremy Heit
Ambiguous Clothing